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North Star Artists

The North Star Artists are the vibrant paintings and artwork by 4 Star artists, John Rampley, Sekio Fuapopo, George Shuey and George Duran. Their fine quality paintings and artwork are on display here in the Gallery section and in the Slideshow section which previews their artwork and individual artist work styles and craftsmanship. Plus the Video section has a short vignette of each artist speaking about himself and his artwork allowing you to see and listen to where he is coming from and where he wants his art to take you.

The North Star Artists’ backgrounds and distinguished art careers emerged out of the Abstract, Surreal and Hard Edge Movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s in San Francisco. The Bohemia, Primalon Ballroom, Jazz Workshop, Zodiac, Nam, Panthers, Civil Rights, Creedance times were some of the experiences and inspirations for the artists. During these times, the openings at the galleries and art museums and the Beat Scene in North Beach were the ideal places to be and where the artists lived and went to school and eventually met up and became veteran friends and colleagues in painting.

The North Star Artists each have extensive and impressive CV’s resumes that detail their many exhibitions and publications of their artwork and the collections that include their artwork.

The Gallery features and celebrates the excellent artwork of the North Star Artists for their bright and insightful perspectives, their spiritual visions and their lasting commitment to their art. And despite the many difficulties and challenges they face today, the North Star Artists continue their work refining their exceptional paintings from their respective studios in San Francisco and Vallejo California and Santa Fe New Mexico.

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